About CORE

The CORE website has been created to support victims of crime, giving people access to the different types of help they may need from just one place.  The aim is to ensure that every victim of crime or anti-social behaviour has access to the best possible support service.

On these pages you will find useful information and contact details which have been brought together with help from victim services, the police, local authorities, the fire and rescue services, health services, voluntary organisations and specialist support groups.

Derbyshire Victim Services, along with five other organisations, have been commissioned and funded to run CORE victims services by the Police & Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire. Derbyshire Victim Services are ran by the charity Remedi who are an independent charity for people affected by crime, with specially trained volunteers offering information, practical help and emotional support. The charity have also been contracted to deliver a targeted support service for young people who have been the victim of crime and can be accessed by through Derbyshire victim services or via their website www.gotyourback.tv 

This service is free, confidential and available to everyone. You can contact Derbyshire Victim Services whether you want to report the crime to the police or not – help is available whatever decision you make.

For help and support, call Derbyshire Victim Services now on 0800 612 6505.

In addition to the general support offered by Derbyshire Victim Services the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner has also commissioned a number of other services which are focused on giving support and advice to victims of more specific crime types. These are listed below:

SV2- Sexual Assault

Catch 22 - Children at Risk of Exploitation

RefugeDomestic Abuse

Derby City CouncilDomestic Abuse

Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Service – Domestic abuse

More information on these services can be found on the relevant site pages.