Community Trigger

Repeat episodes of anti-social behaviour can have a devastating impact on individuals, families and communities and victims often feel helpless. The Community Trigger allows members of the public to request a review of the response to incidents of anti-social behaviour. It aims to make sure that local community safety organisations are working together to resolve incidents of anti-social behaviour that are affecting the quality of life in communities.

What is it?

A Community Trigger gives victims and communities the right to request a review of their anti-social behaviour case which brings together all the agencies involved to deliver a joint solution and action plan. The person who has requested the review will be informed of the outcome and where further actions are recommended, an action plan will be drawn up in consultation with the victim including any timescales.

What is the purpose?

The aim is to resolve the most persistent, or complicated cases of anti-social behaviour.

The Community Trigger should only be used if you think your concerns have not been dealt with, or acted upon, by agencies.

When can it be used?

A Community Trigger can be activated if:

  • A victim has reported three separate incidents of anti-social behavior in the previous six-month period and has not received a satisfactory response


  • Five separate individuals have reported related incidents of anti-social behaviour within the last six months.

The threshold for activation may also take account of:

  • The persistence of the anti-social behaviour
  • The harm or potential harm caused
  • The adequacy of the response

When an agency receives a request to activate the community trigger, agencies must decide whether the threshold has been met and communicate this to the victim.

Who will be involved in the review of my case?

  • Councils
  • Police
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Registered providers of social housing

How Can I to make a Community Trigger Application?

You can make a community trigger application in Derbyshire by contacting your local district/borough council. Please click on the relevant link below for the appropriate authority.

  • Amber Valley
  • Bolsover
  • Chesterfield
  • Derby City
  • Derbyshire Dales
  • Erewash
  • High Peak
  • North East Derbyshire
  • South Derbyshire

Can I appeal?

An appeal can be made by anyone, individual or group, who has previously submitted an application for an Anti-Social Behaviour case review. If you are acting on behalf of somebody else you will also need to send a signed consent letter with your appeal when you send in it. You can access the full community trigger appeals process using this link The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire, in consultation with local Councils, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Social Housing Providers and the Police, will undertake the Appeal and let the victim(s) know the outcome as soon as possible.